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They also prevent the edges of the blade from digging into the wood, which is apt to happen on softer woods.

They do not bow the blade a bit, like the #80A regular scraper blade, made of softer steel so that its edge can be rolled over, is held in an adjustable (pitch) holder.

Blades and irons are mostly full-length and are either sharp, ready to use or capable of being sharpened by the purchaser.

Defects, such as pitting and other detractions, are always noted in the item descriptions.

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The knobs flank an adjustable L-shaped cutter, which protrudes through a large, circular opening in the plane's sole.

I shows wear at corners and edges, the book itself is fine; the Vol.

1919 catalog of saws adn saw tools, complete and fine; plus a YANKEE TOOL BOOK by NORTH BROS.

A grooved post receives the cutter, which is locked into position by a thumb screw activated clamping collar.

This collar, as well as the cutters, are very easy to lose, and these planes are often found minus them.

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