Who is george eads dating

"I got engaged, actually, to a really nice girl," he told Ferguson. "I love keeping the ring on her finger to let other guys know she's taken!

The actor went through painful back surgery the summer before, and he described how Casey helped nurse him back to health.

To pursue his acting career, he headed to Los Angeles, California, in a pickup truck borrowed from his stepfather.

When he arrived in Los Angeles, he could only drive during the day because the truck had two broken headlights.

Eads was born in Fort Worth, Texas and grew up in Belton.

The argument is ongoing about their daughter's custody.In college, he was a member of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity.Prior to beginning an acting career, Eads used to work as a copy machine salesman, as well as selling first aid and safety supplies for Cintas.will be without one of its original stars for at least several episodes this coming season.George Eads will take a leave of absence from the long-running drama after engaging in a heated exchange with one of the show's writers, 's upcoming 14th season.

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