Dating for revenge

So now I am pulling myself up from my bootstraps – I don’t really understand that term – and I am going to work on my "Revenge Body." This is a term from a show that Khloe Kardashian hosts where she helps people get in shape after nasty break ups.

We all know the BEST revenge is your ex seeing you out and about…and you have transformed into SUPER WOMAN.

The outlet reported that apparently the first time they were seen together, the ex-Disney star reached out to Justin after she found out about it and he "turned her down." “It’s probably only a matter of time before Selena sends Justin an evil text to ask him about his night out.

She's always been jealous of his relationship with Kourtney," the source said about what will possibly happen this time around.

The instinct for vengeance arises in many people, but not everyone will act on it.Does it actually make you feel any better to hurt a person who’s hurt you, or are there healthier ways to respond?Hurt people hurt people There’s often an initial reaction to lash out at someone who’s hurt you.So far I have bought new shoes, joined a new gym, bought new clothes, and purchased protein powder..I guess now it is time to actually work out.If you are single, look at this small window of singleness as the time you can take care of YOU. Because you know the MINUTE you get back into a relationship it is right back to french fries and sleeping in.

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