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Nancy Borowick, a New York-based photographer, documented her parents Laurel and Howie Borowick (pictured left) for the last four years of their lives, as the couple supported one another through their painful journeys of stage 4 cancer.Nancy, who lives in Guam, is releasing The Family Imprint, compiling the intimate last moments of her parents' lives, including Nancy's own wedding, weekly chemotherapy sessions (top right), joyful moments (bottom right) and their deaths.Scroll down for more..."It's happening very quickly, horribly quickly really," she said at the time."I don't know that it's such a good thing, actually.

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From being a Hollywood unknown she suddenly found herself, aged 29, the female lead in three huge movies alongside Tinseltown's biggest hitters – Brad Pitt (in 1994's Legends of the Fall), Harrison Ford (in Sabrina) and both Sean Connery and Richard Gere (in First Knight).Mel Burke is having trouble with her niece, Lennox.As she tries to juggle being a councillor and a guardian, she gets a little overwhelmed. Mel is hesitant to do so until she finds out Lennox wrote a poem about her principal, Miss Lunt (Vernee Watson), that wasn't so nice. Before leaving for a meeting, Joseph "Joe" Longo knocks on her door.She was hailed as the new Julia Roberts and described by one critic as "a hurricane on the horizon".The lone voice of caution, it seems, came from Julia herself.

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