Taylor swift needs to stop dating

As we previously reported, “It bugs Kim that the world sees Taylor as this sweet Disney princess, when she is more of a manipulative, calculating business woman.” Hopefully, they’ll bury the hatchet soon!

You might not think someone like Camila Cabello could ever need dating advice, but she says she does, and she gets it from one of the most successful single ladies in Hollywood: Taylor Swift !

That's right, the 19-year-old opened up to and revealed she turns to the "Shake It Off" singer when she needs a little help in the love department."We talk about love a lot," Cabello revealed.

"And if I ever have any questions about love or if there's anything that I'm going through at the time, whether it's with a boy or with a friend, she's a very good person to ask those kind of questions."T.

Taylor Swift is a transubstantiated vision board curation of inspirational quotes who happens to be perhaps the world’s most famous White woman. But I have no interest whatsoever in learning more about it. I know she is a very popular and important singer of songs and writer of songs. The “made that bitch famous” part is a reference to Kanye’s infamous interruption of Swift’s Best Female Video acceptance speech at the 2009 VMAs. And then she’ll laugh, baring both of her tiny-ass teeth like it’s the funniest thing ever. (“and there’s literally no “reason” that would make any sense. “As the first woman to win album of the year at the Grammys twice, I want to say to all the young women out there: There are going to be people along the way who will try to undercut your success or take credit for your accomplishments or your fame”No one is better at this type of specifically White female performative faux melodrama — where status is cultivated and maintained through a state of perpetual exaggerated victimhood (which everyone laps up because “sad White woman” = “Let’s find our fucking capes and save her! You know that co-worker (let’s call her “Susan”) who somehow managed to use her offense at a minor breach in email etiquette (someone forgot to put an exclamation point on a sentence, which made Susan “interpret” it as a “threat”) as fuel for a raise and a promotion? Of course, Taylor vehemently denied that this conversation ever happened. Conversations, weddings, grocery shopping, sex, shits — everything. In fact, not only do I not believe her, I believe she’s exposed herself as one of the most dangerous types of White woman. Using the inherent empathy and benefit of the doubt her White womanhood allows her to possess — plus the reflexive need to protect and preserve the sanctity of said White womanhood at all costs — to throw a Black person under the bus if necessary and convenient.

I am not unaware of its function and cultural relevance. These feelings kinda, sorta mirror my thoughts about Taylor Swift. But now, five months later, the only song on it that still matters is a song (“Panda”) that wasn’t even his song. Anyway, on that album was a song (“Famous”) that began with the following lines: Taylor, of course, is Taylor Swift. Every once in a while, my seven-month-old daughter will spit in my face when I’m holding her. Never one to pass up an opportunity to make herself a martyr, Swift alluded to Kanye and “Famous” during her Album of the Year acceptance speech at this year’s Grammys. She’s more than willing to throw a friend under the bus for the opportunity to performative martyr. One advantage I presume of being romantically involved with a Kardashian is that everything seems to be recorded. But what Taylor did is a form of what Darth Susans have been doing since America’s inception.

He told Ye that he’s cool with him and Kim, but Taylor could use a little more respect!

” Our source explained, “Taylor’s become like his little sister and he’s found himself protecting her and doesn’t think Kim should be petty by trying to get underneath Tay’s skin.

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said on 17/May/17 Taylor is really skinny and has a small head, so she looks taller.Drake doesn’t know if Ye read the text yet but he’s definitely asking him and Kim to pump their brakes on the Taylor jabs.” Well, it does make sense considering the pop star seems to be receiving shade from all angles these days. 29 was about Calvin’s new music video “My Way,” which has several innuendos about Tay.Even though the Scottish DJ denied that the song was about her, the music video looked eerily similar to that of “Blank Space.” Tensions have certainly been high between Kimye and Taylor, ever since the controversy over his racy lyrics in “Famous.” The star even went as far as to leak the video showing Tay approving the questionable lines of the hit rap single in July.Chinese internet sleuths seemingly decided Zhang was the man in question - due to his matching up with the two descriptions in the online rumor.But the 52-year-old denied the claim on Friday, going as far as to say he does not even know who Swift, 27, is.'It’s just a rumour,' the CEO of Sohu - a Chinese internet firm, said, according to the South China Morning Post.'I have no interest in foreign women...

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