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Earlier this morning, the Animal Adventure Park conducted an interview with Additonally, the Animal Adventure Park held a Facebook live video where they introduced the world to their newest babies: two new pygmy goats.

The world remained on edge hoping April would go into labor.

Halfway through the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, he and his rifle-toting teammates were finished with their events, and the U. Olympic Committee and team officials had ordered them to turn in the keys to their three-story house and head back to the States. He knew from his experience four years earlier in Atlanta, where he'd won silver, that the Olympic Village was just about to erupt into a raucous party, and there was no way he was going to miss it.

So he asked the maid at the emptied-out dwelling if she'd kindly look the other way as he jimmied the lock. Within hours, word of the nearly vacant property had spread.

After a while, it dawned on Lakatos: "I'm running a friggin' brothel in the Olympic Village!

So while Lakatos claimed a first-floor suite for himself, the remaining rooms were there for the taking.

The first to claim space that night were some Team USA track and field fellas."The next morning," Lakatos says, "swear to God, the entire women's 4x100 relay team of some Scandinavian-looking country walks out of the house, followed by boys from our side.

Jordan Patch and the crew are aware of the situation and are working tirelessly to get the live cam up and running.

The giraffe cam playlist included below will automatically update with the newest, live video once the feed begins streaming again.

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