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Given the five figure price tags, these systems were typical used by groups of people at each end, a trend that continues today with similarly priced "Tele Presence" systems from Cisco and HP.So what will it take to make video a mainstream tool for individual communications?Given the expense of setting up and operating a video link, it's not surprising that the first practical applications were in business and government.The 1964 movie Seven Days in May showed Burt Lancaster talking over a video link in his office to fellow members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, but real government and business usage has to wait until Compression Labs and, later, Picture Tel developed video compression technology that delivered reasonable quality video over commercially available data circuits.So we are not likely to look at Verizon or another carrier even if Apple does open things up next year.Having said that, I would still welcome it if Apple does decide to move away from a single carrier system in the US “ just so that there is a bit of healthy competition to “ hopefully “ keep the carriers servicing i Phone users a little more on their toes. Are you just waiting on a chance to jump away from AT&T or another carrier if you ‘re outside the US?In the mid 1990's, Intel identified video as an application that would need lots of computing power and reasoned that if people started using a lot of video applications they would become ready customers for upgraded Intel processors.The 3G Dating Agency is a brand new way to have fun with your mobile and safely meet with new friends.

You could then have a go at writing this up and peer-assessing each other’s answers but revision doesn’t always have to be about writing – practicing, through talk, identifying key points is a good way to develop your skills of ‘following an argument’. As Rory suggested today, you could go to the BBC news website ( print off an article and answer the following question: Explain the key points made in the item (6 marks).

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