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The change was met with resistance, and authors sometimes applied "Mastodon" as an informal name so it became the common term for members of the genus. americanum, the American mastodon, the best known and the last species of Mammut.

Its earliest occurrences date from the early-middle Pliocene (early Blancan stage).

Office: 702 Sunset Dr, Ontario OR 97914; Malheur County Courthouse: 251 B St West, Vale, OR 97918; Malheur Education Service District Office: 363 A St West, Vale, Oregon 97918; Ontario Community Library: 388 SW 2nd Ave, Ontario, OR 97914; Oregon Historical Society: 1200 SW Park Ave, Portland 97205; Oregon State Archives: 800 Summer St NE, Salem, OR 97310; Planning Department Office: Courthouse, 251 B St West, Vale, OR 97918; Road Department Office: 1001 Barkley Dr, Vale, OR 97918; Sheriff's Basement Storage Room: No public access.

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the valid name is Mammut, a name that preceded Cuvier's description, making Mastodon a junior synonym.

Oregon is located in the Pacific Northwest area of the US.

It is best known for its beautiful natural landscapes like at Mount Hood and at Central Lake National Park, its aquariums, Asian gardens, skiing, and great modern cities like Portland, which is home to a great party scene filled with hot bars and clubs, and sexy single and swingers looking to hookup.

They disappeared from North America as part of a mass extinction of most of the Pleistocene megafauna, widely presumed to have been related to overexploitation by Clovis hunters, and possibly also to climate change.

The first bones to be collected and studied scientifically were found in 1739 at Big Bone Lick State Park, Kentucky, by French soldiers, who carried them to the Mississippi River, from where they were transported to the National Museum of Natural History in Paris.

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