James mcavoys character in the bbc updating of macbeth

It would be fair to say that I am hypercritical of Shakespeare productions.Partly, this stems from my love for the plays; partly, from the fact that I have studied them, acted in them, directed and taught them and, so, I go into them with my own notions about how they should be done. " From the moment I walked into the auditorium to see it transformed by designer Soutra Gilmour into a grungy window looking out on a dystopian future or an alternate reality - it doesn't matter which - presented in the round, I had a feeling it might be special.film, directed by Justin Kurzel, won’t be out until next year but Fassbender’s co-star, Marion Cotillard, who plays the formidable Lady Macbeth, found working opposite him a little unpredictable—but in a positive way.“He surprised me which is something very special on a set.The whole play has a strong colour palette and the look of grungy modern comic art.It’s set in 2063, in a future independent Scotland devastated by climate change.The brilliant ensemble found it with unerring accuracy.There was no pulling it about to the extent that music, rhythm and alliteration make it sound like a very long poem.

Mc Kellen’s highly praised rendition of Macbeth put emphasis on the protagonist’s madness as he foamed at the mouth and talked to invisible ghosts.

The characters are the survivors in the wreckage fighting among themselves. The word dystopia appears in all previews and many, many times in the programme.

That’s quite a big deal to hang on the play, though the wars of the16th century would have been as bloody, filthy and violent.

She says: “It’s really hard, really complex.” Right now the French actress can be seen starring opposite Joaquin Phoenix and Jeremy Renner in in which she plays a Polish woman who arrives at Ellis Island in New York in the 1920s to begin a new life in the New World.

But matters don’t go according to plan and she’s forced into prostitution It’s a gritty refreshingly unromanticized view of the American immigrant experience from director James Gray.

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