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A resounding 91% of patients said that they are more likely to continue patronizing dentists who engage in an honest, upfront conversation about costs.

Interestingly, the survey also found that the dental community’s unwillingness to discuss fees upfront is ranked as one of the biggest obstacles patients face when trying to find a new dentist.

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Up To Date provides more than 1,500 patient education topics, plus more than 1,000 translated into universal Spanish, that facilitate clinician-patient communication.We run a personal list system as we believe its what patients value most about general practice.We don’t just want to see you when you’re ill, we want to make sure you stay healthy too.This whitepaper is designed to provide some definitive answers to some of the most important questions facing dentists today, including: • What do dental patients in 2013 want and expect from their dentists?• How do patients go about selecting a new dentist? Below are three of the major findings of this survey (there are seven in the full whitepaper), along with recommendations on how you can best use this information to increase production and profitability at your practice.

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