Bearshare dating website

In fact, com Score found that usage of each of the four applications sampled – Ka Zaa, Win MX, Bear Share and Grokster – dropped in November versus one year ago.The declines in the user base of each of these applications from November 2002 to November 2003 were: 15% for Ka Zaa, 25% for Win MX, 9% for Bear Share, and 59% for Grokster.Conversely, com Score has observed that in recent months a growing number of consumers have turned to a new generation of paid online music services.In November 2003, 3.2 million Americans visited, which re-launched as a paid online music service in late October.

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The percentage of online Americans downloading music files on the Internet has dropped by half and the numbers who are downloading files on any given day have plunged since the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) began filing suits in September against those suspected of copyright infringement.

Furthermore, a fifth of those who say they continue to download or share files online say they are doing so less often because of the suits.

There is a fair amount of 'sex messaging' & the odd attempt at the old ' Honey trap' tactic but all are fairly obvious(The avatar, normally of a semi-naked lady, is a bit of a give away) The 'sex messager' may ask in the first instance, if you would like to see them nude on their web cam for free and then ask u 4 your credit card details(they say this is just to verify your age.

I have been using the FREE version of Bearshare to share music/video files and social network as I prefer not giving my credit card details over the net (which is required for the Pro upgrade) I realised shortly after I joined that members also use it as a medium for dating/social networking.

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