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Jupiter is also brighter than any star, while Mars is quite variable, sometimes as bright as Jupiter and sometimes only a little brighter than the North Star.Mercury and Saturn are never as bright as Jupiter, but are still brighter than all but a few of the stars.Mars and Mercury present more of a challenge this month, as Mars is somewhat obscured by evening dusk and Mercury by morning dawn.Follow the links below to learn more about the planets in May 2017.— VISTA's infrared capabilities have now allowed astronomers to see the myriad of stars in the Small Magellanic Cloud galaxy much more clearly than ever before. — Combining data from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory with radio observations and computer simulations, an international team of scientists has discovered a 200,000-light-year wave of hot gas in ...

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2, the Hubble Space Telescope has some amazing superpowers, specifically when it comes to observing galaxies across time ...

During the middle months of 2010, the planets Venus, Mars, and Saturn could be seen together in the western sky after sunset.

(Mercury also joined them for a while, but was difficult to photograph from northern latitudes.) In this photo, four of the brighter stars of Leo and Virgo are also labeled.

Exercise: Use the Sky Motion Applet to determine which planets are currently visible in the night sky, and at what times, and in which directions.

Question: The photo above was taken on a July 2010 evening from northern Utah.

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