Updating the garmin nuvi 255w

I downloaded the newest map 2013.30 and was told I needed an SD card to hold the entire map.I had a 2SB SD on hand from an old point & shot camera, so used it.the installer removed what was on the GPS itself, so if I replace the card, I won't have any existing files on the device when trying to re-install to a larger SD card. Be sure that your computer is set to show extensions, hidden files and system files before starting.

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If I was to buy a newer 4GB or 8GB card, can I just reload the maps to the new card? - Gene I expect you do not need to do the Garmin reinstallation, but can simply copy the files from the small SD card now to your computer, then copy the files from the computer to the new large SD card.Everything your Nuvi needs to calculate the best possible route to your final destination.Regularly updating your sat nav maps will give you extra reassurance and the latest picture of your journey ahead.Ditto for keeping the files on your computer as a backup. I normally back up all files on the Nuvi to the hard drive before and after any updates.Since you're doing all this now, if you haven't done so yet, make a backup of your internal nuvi files to your computer hard drive, recordable DVD or something as well. I have multiple card readers so should be able to copy from the 2GB SD to a larger one. - Gene SD card map purchases (maps pre-installed on SD cards at the factory) that you buy from GARMIN are locked to the serial number of the SD card and can not be copied to another SD card.

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