Carbon dating exponential functions

For example, you may be given the values for Ao and t and you need to find the amount A after the given time.Or, you may be given the final amount A and the initial amount Ao and you need to find the time t.

The interest earned with simple interest is the product of the interest rate, the time since the investment (usually measured in years), and the principal. And we saw that they're good if we are trying to figure out how much of a compound we have left after one half-life, or two half-lives, or three half-lives.We can just take 1/2 of the compound at every period.In this experiment, you will consider a similar case, that of radioactive decay. If the material is radioactive, that means that some of its atoms are continually dying, or, more accurately, they are being transformed into some other type of atom.The probability that any given atom in the material will decay is the same as for all atoms and this probability does not change with time, i.e.

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