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However, marriage does not prove to be a bed of roses as Mike and Veena find themselves to be incompatible. Priya too asks Mike to take a decision as she can share him with Tanya but not with Veena. Rashmi does not believe in love until she reads a notification in a newspaper of an aged Captain Anand (Alok Nath) asking his love Urmi to meet him just once before dying.

The ad raises Rashmi s curiosity and she goes to meet Anand, where he narrates about his love, Urmi. However, one day when Anand goes to meet Urmi, her mother tells him that she is getting married to someone else.

A lot of people living in Denmark have written on the internet ‘OMG What The Fuck? You should speak Danish.’ That does not, with the best will in the world, get your pipes fixed when you are fresh of the boat and need a plumber.’ whilst in the midst of a culture shock-driven breakdown. ’, when the culture shock has worn off and they are still not impressed. Then there is the thorny question of social interactions.There are plenty of foreigners who never write anything. If you are coming to Denmark to marry a Dane or for study, you might be OK. Even very outgoing, friendly people who have had no problem making friends anywhere else, can find it hard to make friends in the Danish community.Rishtey was a television series that aired on Zee TV channel, featuring small stories of human relationships.The show highlights the essence of life and brings to the forefront, the various aspects of human relationships, such as husbands & wives, lovers, parents & children, friends & siblings.

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