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Aylyn also suffered a minor injury to her head and leg, according to Bridgeport police. We can only imagine." Hernandez has been transported to a local hospital in Pennsylvania with "minor injuries." Hernandez is being held as a fugitive from justice and arrest was issued from Bridgeport.

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Owned by Mayub Murshed, the brew pub also boasts a gourmet tavern menu, from local standards like oysters on the half shell, to nibbles like an artisanal cheese and meat platter, to unusual entrees like roasted bone marrow. The unabashed stars of the show are the beers, however — and Sant’anna Delima is more than happy to rattle off not just the brewing process for each, but their histories and antecedents.

They range from Belgian-style Dubbel, Trippel and Red Strong Ale; to German Kolsch; to California Brown Lager, which prompts a retelling of the brew’s lore dating back to the California Gold Rush.

These are America's top 10 favorite beers, according to the recently released 2017 Customer Loyalty Engagement Index.

They also found Aylyn's father, 39-year-old Oscar Hernandez.

According to Bridgeport police, Hernandez was found near Harrisburg, PA.

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