Britney dating paris

"I will say there’s been two dates that have been kind of cool but other than that it’s just too much," she said.

To our collective squad envy, Paris Hilton shared a throwback picture with Britney Spears and suddenly we were thirteen and trying to walk in platform flip-flops again.

At 35, she's the star of her own sell-out Las Vegas show, has lucrative music deals and spends much of her time raising her two sons at her sprawling L. Her Instagram posts show a healthy and vibrant woman, someone who is fun-loving and confident and obviously smitten with her new fitness model boyfriend, Sam Asghari.

She's come a long way from that night at Esther's Hair Salon in Tarzana, when she was willing to do anything she could to shed the princess of pop skin she had occupied since her teens—a time which marked the beginning of a transition and forced many major news outlets to prepare her obituary just in case the unthinkable happened.

And while they may no longer hang out, it's clear that Paris misses her onetime pal.

Warriors fans are holding their breath as they await the latest update on the knee injury that Kevin Durant suffered last night. Rumor has it that the newest member of the Golden State Warrior’s band(wagon) has been keeping the company of one Miss Brittney Elena.

Only a few minutes later did JT arrive to share their first kiss 5.

When Britney Spears walked into a non-descript hair salon on the evening of Feb. 2007, and shaved off her signature long hair, it marked the beginning of one of the biggest public meltdowns in pop culture history.Like, we all remember fashion in that era being whack retrospectively, but it’s so easy to forget exactly how WILD people got, sartorially speaking.Ugghhh, the ’90s into the early aughts always seem like such fun in pictures.In the same scene the group went back to their house only to discover they've been robbed..Britney and Justin's "boudoir tapes" taken.6.It's been a long time since they have called one another 'friend'.

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