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See more » During the "You're The Top" number Bing Crosby and Mitzi Gaynor are on the lifeboat deck on one side of a partition while Donald O' Connor and Zizi Jeanmaire are on the other side. I realize that as great as the music is, "Anything Goes" is a bit dated as a musical, but this story, which has nothing to do with the original, is just dreadful.

All are singing yet, though the deck is open to the sky, no one hears the others. See more » When the film "De Lovely" recently rekindled my love for Cole Porter's music, I encountered this DVD on sale and thought it would make a great addition to my collection. In addition to the uninspired plot, the songs that were added by Sammy Cahn and James Van Heusen are remarkably banal.

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Keep in mind others with the same name of this title. I like to see more of the same production company mainly in shorts.

Joining this love triangle on board the luxury liner are Public Enemy #13, Moonface Martin and his sidekick-in-crime Erma.

Her pal Billy Crocker has stowed away to be near his love, Hope Harcourt, but the problem is Hope is engaged to the wealthy Lord Evelyn Oakleigh.

Of course your sexually motivated date could turn serious when you realize you have more in common. Modern day sex dating flips the usual boy meets girl scenario on it’s head.

It’s by no means seedy or underground – members who choose to find others are just in a point in their life where serious relationships don’t fit.

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