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The rules for your pet pig, bird, snake or other creature will likely be different, and if you are interested in importing any animal other than a cat or dog, it would be best to check with the consultants at Yucatan Expatriate Services, who can investigate the latest rules for any out-of-the-ordinary pets.If you drive, fly or sail into Mexico, it is important to have your papers together and ready to show the authorities.This may also be known as an International Health Certificate, and is obtainable from most vets in the USA or Canada.Be sure to have the original and at least two copies (one is required, an extra one just in case).The next year when the applicant renews it, he/she can request a 1, 2 or 3 years card. NOTE: in order to make the payments, an Immigration officer will provide an E5 form to the applicant and with it the applicant can go to any bank to make the payment and then return to the Immigration office with the receipt.

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Interview In an interview with an officer of the Mexican Consulate, the applicant will be asked to provide information such as personal data, purpose of the trip and any other relevant.

During the interview, the officer will analyze the information and documents received and will authorize or deny the VISA.

Many foreigners who move to Mexico bring their beloved pets with them.

In the following instructions, we are focusing only on dogs and cats when we say “pets”.

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