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The remaining 30% are a diverse group, drawing talent from a number of countries to create the studio’s unique atmosphere that many feel contributes to the success of their acclaimed titles.

With so many of their employees not being native and with a variety of cultural backgrounds their experiences upon entering the Japanese culture differ wildly.

Though the initial momentum cooled off some time ago (and due to complications in Japan regarding distribution partners for the album), those of us who coordinated Play For Japan’s campaign would like to thank everyone who participated, purchased, bid, cheered-on, Retweeted, Reposted, Shared, commented, or just generally showed some kind of support for this massive effort.

Thanks to your help and assistance, the Play For Japan campaign raised over 9,000 in auctions alone to go to charities that assisted in disaster relief. Special thanks goes to: Some of you may have recently attempted to purchase “Play For Japan: The Album” from i Tunes, only to find nothing from your searches.

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After leaving Q-Games, she moved back to the United States where she frequently guested on's Weekend Confirmed podcast, hosted by Garnett Lee, where she famously used to top off bad jokes made by other guests with a random "heyyooo!

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Ariel Angelotti got her first game credit after getting her BA in Japanese Language and Culture and Psychology from the University of Texas.

" and provided more insight into the Japanese side of the industry from her time living and working there (trivia: apparently, Bayonetta is vag-tastic! In Spring 2012, she joined Sony Santa Monica Studios as Assistant Producer to work on Play Station All-Stars Battle Royale.

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