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With features of makeup, You Makeup will make you feel better than ever.The world’s smartest, easiest-to-use virtual makeup app/makeover app.Starting out as a mild-mannered free text and voice chatting application, it has since expanded into a drawing app, games, and even a recently launched Q&A service. Now, the company’s free camera app has hit the scene and is causing a bit of a stir for its rumored ability to enhance anyone’s beauty. The body is done, but now the face needs a little work again. It’s great to have the luxury of a full session just for one person’s headshots, but usually, I’m needing to snap them quickly – in an amongst the other shots of the session. This is not why my 3 year old is laughing in the second picture below though. Because she seems happy, interesting, and down to earth. They are wiggly and crazy but also delightfully un-self conscious.So, here are some fool proof tips to getting a great headshot in a jiffy:1. Step back from your subject, and zoom in all the way. You can’t distract them from the fact that you are taking the picture. Just had to clarify.)Above is a head shot I took for an actress. You feel like you might want to go eat a hamburger with her! If you keep snapping while focusing on the eyes, you can totally capture their little personalities without giving them a lot of direction. I’m Kristen, and I believe in creating intentional family fun, to build lasting memories for my children. Email me with any questions, I always reply if I see it!This is a problem faced by many people, but is quite easy to remedy.Being photogenic is not an inborn talent, but an acquired skill that can be learned through practice.

Our man GO decided to get the works and ended up looking like a whole new…man? In fact, the “volume” feature button shows an image of breasts. Welcome another photo contributor, Tara Butler, the owner of Tara B Photography, based in Utah.I love to hear the perspective of other photographers sharing photo tips, so I’ve invited a few to share on my site.However, with just a little creative use of the standard features you can give yourself what would otherwise take years of training. From there just use the “volume” function on your arms, legs and chest, and behold! Not only does GO now look ultra buff, but his sexiness appears to be ripping through the very fabric of space and time.

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