Gpupdate not updating computer policy

Some group policy client-side extensions are only processed at startup (e.g.

computer-targeted Software Install) /Sync Apply the next foreground policy synchronously (in the background).

Some group policy client-side extensions are only processed when a user logs on.

(Software Install, Folder Redirection.) /Boot Restart after the Group Policy settings are applied.

We will need to enable the following firewall rules: Thankfully for this Windows 2012 and Windows 2012 R2 come with a started GPO to server as a base for the configuration.

To configure the Windows Firewall we start first by creating all the Starter GPOs from the Group Policy Management console expanding the domain, selecting Starters GPOs and clicking on Create Starter GPOs Folder.

Have you ever applied a Group Policy and then waited the standard 90 minutes for the setting to apply only to find out that after a few hours the policy still has not been set yet.

As an IT Administrator, there are many times when I make a change to Group Policy in Active Directory and need to manually refresh the policy on a client machine.

For all other operating systems including Windows XP, Vista, Windows Server 2003 & 2008, the secedit command has been replaced with the gpupdate command.

To refresh the computer policies only, use this command: So that’s all pretty easy, but what if you want to refresh Group Policy remotely? Well what if you are sitting on your computer and you want to run the gpupdate /force command on 5 Windows XP computers in the Accounting department?

Note: In older version of the Group Policy Management Console, this will be visible under the “Security Group Membership when Group Policy was applied” under the “Summary” tab.

As you can see below this will show you all the security group memberships that were used when the Group Policy was last processed on that computer.

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