Sex 18x

It seems true to life i guess, which is a rare quality because most movies don't.

They are so contrived/fabricated they become hard to relate to.

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As as Sociologist, I may be a little biased (I can people watch for hours), but the subject matter will captivate - trust me.

I am at home, sacked out on the couch with pneumonia, right now, or I would say more.

But, know that I went to the trouble of creating this account just to brag on this movie.

What i like about this movie is it has integrity and balls. The director is taking these very touchy/taboo subjects and serving them on a spoon to the public.Through dialogue and compromising situations, the film takes us from the beginning of a relationship to the aftermath of one, and examines every stage in between seeing humor within the drama, heartache and confusion of it all. Even with it's worst story line, it is never dull.The movie is divided into several conversations after sex.You can experiment even more positions with sex pillow.Sex furniture and pillows not only allow you to try new positions and experiment, but they can help you have more comfortable sex if you and your partner have mismatched body shapes/sizes, back pain or even conditions such as arthritis.

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