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Many people offer maintenance plans to help you stay up to date.The problem with some of these plans is that they offer weekly, monthly, or quarterly updates.On the Account panel, what do I click to initiate a version upgrade rather than trigger an upsell offer? I was upgrading from the WP network dashboard and that process is what was deleting the premium folder. If not, I’ll contact the developers that provided this tool to handle upgrades in an easy way. Hello Igor, On multisite, the account menu item does not display in the network dashboard when Giveaway is only active on one or two subsites of the network.I tried to find the Account page on the network dashboard but I did not see it anywhere for some reason. (I have NOT network activated Giveaway) On the network dashboard, all available updates are retrieved by selecting the left hand menu item DASHBOARDUpdates When I update the plugin this way is when the issue occurs.I did not try it on a multisite tho, but I can do that also and see what happens.You can also send me an email with FTP & WP-Admin information on i.benic[at]so I can check it out myself. On the Account tab, when I select the Blue UPGRADE button or the UPGRADE tab, I encounter an upsell for the PRO version rather than initiating the version upgrade process for the existing plugin (which is already pro). If you did upgrade or change your plan, it’s probably an issue on our side – sorry.Developers may take time to release an updated theme, in which case you will need to wait for that to happen.First update the theme and then proceed to the next step.

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When a security vulnerability is discovered, the details of the exploitable code are published on the Internet.Even deactivated themes and plugins can leave your system vulnerable.Following are best practices for keeping your site up to date.There is also a notice at the top of the screen telling me that I am still on free plan. Please contact us here It appears the license key was deleted during whatever upgrade process you initiated.I replaced the license key, but it does not seem like it should get deleted during upgrade.

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