Quinn and logan dating

" asked Zoey."Well, since Logan and Quinn are both, "Hey, whats up? You scared me," said Quinn defending herself."So, whats your idea? It's Valentine's Day and finding a place to meet each other is difficult for a secret couple. Making out with Quinn after several days of not really speaking: Priceless. Logan/Quinn Logan and Quinn's relationship had been going great.

The girls lose the basketball game by one point, prompting Logan to tease them. So what did Quinn and Logan /Quogan\ do during the 6 weeks that we didn't see? Takes place between Walk-a-thon and Dinner for two many. With mentions of Zoey&James, Michael&Lisa, Lola&Vince. The only person missing was James, who was still getting his lunch."So Zo' doing anything tonight? " replied Zoey"Who do you think," said Lola, "Vince! Zoey gave James a quick peck on the lips."Awww, GET A ROOM! (In his voice he uses when he acts like a Jerk)Zoey gave him (Logan) a mean stare."Lisa's his on-again-off-again girlfriend," Quinn said without looking up from her book."Oh," said James."So Quinn you doing anything tonight? Zoey already knew this, remembering that Logan told her how when he was her tutor."How does someone as stupid as you even get into a class that Quinn's in," said Michael,in yeah-sure, kind of tone."Don't call him stu-"Logan kicked Quinn under the table. (Two chapters though)The gang was hanging out having lunch, as usual. " asked James walking up with his food."Hey babe," James sat next to Zoey. " wondered Lola."Probably our science test," said Logan. " said Michael, James and Lola at the same time."Me and Quinn are in the same science class.," said Logan. (The they-can't-think-we're-dating-so-stop-defending-me one) "Nevermind," said Quinn. No one noticed the glare that was given."I know some things," said Logan, getting back to the conversation."Like what?

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