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As Nicky Hayden said shortly before he left Honda for Ducati a few years ago, “things are getting a li’l salty right now.” And, in hindsight, I’m even less surprised considering a brief chat I had with a senior member of Yamaha management at Aragon three weeks ago.

This was after Lorenzo had reemphasised his dissatisfaction with Valentino Rossi’s Misano manoeuvre.

In one electronic chat released in connection with regulators’ 2 million settlement with RBS this week, Hayes asked another bank to skew Libor “too low for the next few days,” promising to “return the favour as when you need it.” Yet Hayes often acted with the knowledge of bosses mindful of his ability to rack up big trading profits. Justice Department charged Hayes with fraud, conspiracy and an antitrust violation.

What follows is a two-and-a-half-minute negotiation between the mom and the toddler, who is naturally anti-spanking and likes to call his mom by her first name and say things like, “Listen, listen, listen Linda” and “Linda, honey, I am done arguing with you.” See it for yourself: ) A video of a debating toddler intrigued me because I have a little negotiator of my own. But I have learned with Ryan to cut the lawyer-like behavior sooner rather later because otherwise the conversation can spiral into a mutually unsatisfying loop of frustration, a migraine in the making, a reason to sneak a sippy or two from the booze cabinet. But the back and forth meandered and the boy needed to realize mom is the boss. By the way, dozens of You Tube videos exist in which a parent films an argument with a kid. If I’m disciplining my kids–or trying to discipline, it’s hard, I make a lot of mistakes, I understand–the last thing I am thinking about is filming it.

My son Ryan, 5, often tries to push the envelope when told something he does not like. In this case, I think the negotiations should have ended sooner. Main photo of my little litigator Ryan, with chocolate frosting on his face. For more on discipline and parenting styles, please see slideshow, below, curated by Sara Mc Ginnis.

Tiff or no tiff, you could argue Lorenzo has chosen the perfect moment to leave Yamaha, who haven’t won a race since Barcelona, their longest victory drought since 2003, the year before Rossi joined them.

But will the 2010, 20 champion be better off on a red bike than a blue bike?

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