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Buckinghamshire singles are in abundance on online dating websites, which is why you may want to consider signing up for one yourself.

If you have never used one of these websites before, online Buckinghamshire dating may be a mystery to you.

The company, Elect Club, claimed to have the ‘largest private database of single professionals in London’, including business leaders and entrepreneurs.

On its website, it boasted of being ‘the number one dating agency in the UK’ with branches in several major cities.‘Elect Club is an exclusive social network for attractive, dynamic, eligible professionals looking for a serious relationship,’ it said.

it's so much easier to fake one's identity," says an AARP official.If you use the internet or watch television, you have probably heard about online dating.In fact, friends and family members may already be using it to their advantage to find a partner.Among the best tips: Beware of people who say the romance is fate or destiny, or claim the victim's love is fake if they won't send money.Caution is key, considering that 6,000 people complained of confidence frauds totaling .3 million in the second half of last year, the Internet Crime Complaint Center reports.

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